Did you get the owl? J.K Rowling has granted a special, open license for schools to post virtual read-a-longs of the seven Harry Potter books during the Coronavirus shutdown

We’ve posted the first chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone, and there should be more to come!

Submissions from parents and teachers are encouraged! If you have an audio or video recording to share, please email webmaster@despta.org.

Note: In accordance with the open license guidelines, chapter readings posted on this website are not open to the public. To access them, your child must log into the PTA site with their MCPS student account — the same one they use for online school.

  1. Go to the login page (tip: there’s a login link at the bottom of every page)
  2. Click the “Log In With Google” button
  3. If not already signed into Google, sign in with your child’s MCPS credentials
  4. Come back here, and check out the Harry Potter at Home page!