Did you know that Diamond ES has an extra-special program for kids on the autism spectrum? The MCPS Asperger’s Program serves students whose needs are mostly social in nature. Only two elementary schools in all of MCPS have this awesome program, and Diamond is one of them! How cool is that?

Asperger’s Program Parents Unite!

Is your child in the Asperger’s Program at Diamond? Our’s is too!

We are the parents of the Diamond Asperger’s Program, and we’re in the process of coming together as a group to share experiences, ideas, etc, to welcome newcomers, and to do whatever else we can to help each other and our families. The group is just getting started, and we’re currently looking for ideas on exactly how to make it work.

Do we need a mailing list? A web forum? A shared library of books? A series of social events? Aside from some new friendships and informal gatherings, no official organization has yet materialized, but we’re working on it, and you can help!

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, please email us at aspergers@despta.org.